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Filming the LE Miami Concert in Los Angeles

David and I (Tim) drove up to Los Angeles on Wednesday night to film the LE Miami "Collision" Concert, starring Daena Jay, at the ACE Hotel.

This was a fun shoot for us since we got to do a little bit of everything: We toured downtown LA and Staples Center to get some videos of the city, filmed some timelapses of the city with our GoPro, and filmed a concert at a sweet venue. 

The ACE Hotel and downtown Los Angeles at sunset.

The ACE Hotel and downtown Los Angeles at sunset.

To best capture the night, we brought out our full video arsenal: Multiple DSLR cameras, two GoPros, audio gear, tripods and backup equipment. It payed off though since we got a variety of good shots, like this one of Daena Jay performing:


Here is a picture of LE Miami's pink sunglasses, which are their signature item at events.


Here is a picture of Daena and Stuart, the stars of the performance.


Check out more of Daena's music on her website.

The ACE Hotel

The ACE Hotel

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