Related Grey - [rG]

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rG - Limited Edition Sumi Mark


It feels like we've come full circle with our rG icon for the 2013 Related Grey refresh. Since the inception of Related Grey, the inspiration for our iconic rG mark has been rooted in Japanese kanji/katakana characters. Some early renderings of the mark were based on more modern styles of the Japanese alphabet, defined by clean lines and simple geometric builds. The new rG sumi-brushed version takes the mark back to traditional brush and ink.


It's a crack up when people who have seen the mark for years finally catch on and notice that it's comprised of an "r" and a "G". We kind of like the fact that it's a bit tricky to see the lockup. After seven years of using the smooth linear version, we wanted to introduce more organic elements to the rG mark. 


Back in 2007, we generated hundreds of Japanese sumi-brush marks and calligraphy shapes for the launch of Mitsubishi's automotive line with John Doyle & BBDO in New York. We studied many traditional artists. Achieving the right style technique is actually not as easy as it looks. It took several tries to get the mark just the way we like it.


I suppose we have broken several unspoken brand rules over the last decade by developing multiple variations of our logo for specific purposes and uses, but we like to keep it fresh around here.


Thanks for checking out our rG refresh. We're stoked to bring you guys some behind-the-scenes features and updates on the happ's with Related Grey. Stay tuned for some killer gear we'd like to get out to our friends and clients.