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Shoria Batteries

At RG we love transformative projects where we can adapt our creative skills to represent a product. Shorai gave us that opportunity, to present their battery in an artistical yet powerful form.

The piece begins with the battery internals, cables wrapping around, and a smoke reveal simulated with FumeFX to present the beauty shot of the Shorai battery in its natural state. Shortly after we deploy a robot to encompass the battery, a robot carefully textured and shaded by our CG team.


Every robot and tank piece were animated by hand in the production. This enabled us to provide the client with maximum flexibility and art direction.

Our favorite section is the safe scene – as the camera pulls back from the inner of the vault, the battery comes into view, and the ground cracks with a sudden shockwave. The team ran several simulations to bring together the piece, implementing Thinking Particles and FumeFX once again for the dynamics.

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