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STONES - Gambling Hall 2

Here's are second iteration to the work we were privileged to do through MeringCarson for Stones Gambling Hall. It was another challenging undertaking that involved live action production, 3D development, as well as 2D integration. Nothing the team hasn't handled before.

It was an intensive process to formulate a strategy that we could us to bring together in a seamless way on location footage, talent on green screen, built-to-scale 3D elements, and 2D layers with transitions. It involved two days of filming at different locations and hours of compositing in multiple programs.

 0484 was back again to manage cameras and lights. They helped filmed the first Stones spot that we also shot at Wolf Camp Studios. We filmed with the Sony FS700 at a high frame rate to give us the option of normal or slow motion to be utilized in post production.

This time we included live action footage from the actual casino with real people stylized to have a flat "toon" effect. Here you can see the many layers of compositing that it took to create one single shot.

To get the look we wanted involved heaving color correcting with levels and curves, grading with hues and saturations, as well as an effect to find the edges of the subjects to get that clean outline. With a little post production magic we ended up with a great balance of live action footage with CG integration.

Below is the BTS and breakdown of the spot. See the magic appear before your eyes!

David Takahashi