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On this project, rG was tasked with rigging and animating the latest Hoover AIR Cordless vacuum, as well as showcasing it’s multilayered suction capabilities.

To start, the CAD model is imported, fixed of all defects or artifacts and readied for materials. Next, we match and apply both materials and shaders to each individual piece. Once the model is textured, we move on to the rigging phase. For this project we created a custom rig that allowed us to not only steer and glide the vacuum around, but also animate the hose and detachable canister. Next step is the suction!

The Hoover Air Cordless features an advanced three layers of suction technology that needed to be showcased. After rigging the internal mechanics to work how they should we used the latest in fluid dynamic simulation technology to create each individual layer of suction. The key is to isolate each section and run a simulation for each layer. Once everything is buttoned up, we do final adjustments, cameras, and lighting. Everything is rendered out in individual layers then composited into the final piece.