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OAKLEY - Heritage Collection

There are few brands that shape industries, innovation and cultural trends. Oakley is one of them. So many of us have grown up Idolizing the Oakley brand and the lifestyle they portray. We were humbled to work with Oakley and their creative team on the Heritage collection.

It couldn't have been a cooler project to start things off with Oakley. The Heritage collection brought back so many memories for us. We grew up in the 80's and had front row seats to the radical innovations Oakley was making in the eye-wear industry. We wanted to make sure our visual treatment stayed true to that historical heritage and legacy.

Several rounds of meticulous material & textural testing were logged to get the right look and feel for the several lines of eye-wear. There's no question we only scratched the surface on some of the development and testing Oakley goes through in developing the actual products.

Music and sound design are such a huge part of the project. We were stoked to have the genius composing skills of Carlos Ramirez on the job with us.
The team was challenged on multiple fronts from the 3D model side of the story to the in depth typography animation that made this motion piece stand out. Chris Haag led the motion graphics team in bringing the conceptual typography treatment to life. Check out the animated typography treatment below.

A large part of this project called for a motion treatment that was used to transition different frames and lenses from one to another. We tested several transition animations to see if they fit the style and concept.

We wanted to make sure the typography placement and treatment was not an afterthought to the animated 3D models. We were pumped to find a solid home for the text to live with the glasses.
Oakley developed a very cool distortion transition that played across their entire campaign. We matched the distortion style and implemented that transition across the animation sequences.

It's easy to smack on pre-made shaders and textures to clients products. Oakley was kind enough to offer us many practical pre-production products to make sure we got the exact look, feel and texture to their products. We can't express enough how important that stage of detail is during the production process. Working with clients that appreciate the nuances and details of the digital and practical side of product development is critical.

A massive thanks goes out to Oakley and their creative team. Looking forward to working with that incredible company again in the future.

Luke Takahashi - [rG]