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CG Product & Studio Renderings

Businesses often have limited options for showcasing their commercial or industrial products in a way that captures the imagination of their consumers. Related Grey has the CGI capabilities to re-materialize physical objects into 3D space with absolute customization, fidelity, accuracy, and quality. Working with Harvest Dental, a local dental laboratory we were able to collaborate in rebuilding their entire digital product inventory.

Above is a quick demonstration showcasing the modeling sequence from actual physical model to a photo real 3D model. We are able to animate or render the photo real 3D model into any environment once the modeling is complete.

We start with either the CAD file or physical model provided by the client. When CAD files are provided, we typically retopologize the geometry and clean-up any rough areas.

With actual physical models, we get the model scanned and imported into our software to be used as blueprints that we build to scale.

After modeling is finished we move on to texturing for labels, color, and surface composition to match identically whatever it is we're replicating. 

By opting for 3D modeling, instead of conventional still photography, you have the flexibility of making environmental and studio changes on the fly. Using 3D modeling also lends itself to animation, retakes, model adjustments, pre- and post-production, infinite resolution of imagery, and the ease of having all models and assets instantly ready to be used for any new changes or concepts as they emerge.

Harvest Dental, is an innovating dental laboratory that designs, manufactures, and ships products all over the world. They're an amazing client and close friend. Also located in the growing business district of Brea, CA, Harvest Dental is moving ahead by digitizing their products into a 3D model archive.

Luke Takahashi - [rG]