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rG - 2014 Pepsi Super Bowl - NY NASDAQ Building

Pepsi advertisement featured on the New York City NASDAQ building for the 2014 Pepsi Super Bowl Half-time Show.
We're stoked to be working with the Spinifex team again on another Pepsi project for Times Square. The NASDAQ Tower is not only one of the most renowned media screens in Times Square, it is the largest video screen in the world, standing seven stories tall. The cylindrical wrap of the display creates a cool canvas for motion animation pieces.


There's a plethora of Pepsi globe logo treatments going on here. Haag exhausted nearly every motion combination possible on these animation pieces.
Isaiah tackled the extruded windows treatment with ease. Combining both 3D physics attributes with composited 2D & 3D elements brought the end-piece to life.


We're pumped to get these projects going in the shop here at rG. Whenever we have the opportunity to utilize every aspect of motion, depth and design discipline, we know it's going to be a killer project! Big props to the entire team! Thanks for the NY street footage Leroy!

Joey Prentiss