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6D Helmets - Technical Features Animation

2017 AR-2 6D Video

We jumped back in on 6D and helped promote their latest and greatest technology. Check out the video below.

Motorcycle helmets might not catch most people’s attention, but this project hit close to home. All of us here at rG ride bikes and we all use protective gear. 6D Helmets introduce new technology that rockets them ahead of the competition. We were stoked to work with the founders of 6D, Bob Weber & Robert Reisinger, and to gain a deeper understanding of how this innovative technology works.

6D helmets are just hitting the market and we're pretty sure they're going to make history by setting the bar for safety standards. Our primary goal was to showcase the cutting edge exterior features of the helmet, as well as some that are tucked neatly out of sight.


First things first, we needed to transform the company's CAD files into visually accurate models for rendering and animation. We'll fast forward through the boring stages and show some of the early renderings of the helmet and its pieces.


These little pieces of genius are the bedrock behind 6D's ODS technology. Don't take our word for it, check out the multitude of research and technical details at their site here: ODS [Omni-Directional Suspension]


Zay is a master samurai when it comes to CG model-setup and preparation. He can cut through the complex problematic CAD tessellation issues without a hitch.


If you ride, you know that helmet airflow is very important and in most cases is very limited in helmets. 6D's technology opens the flood gates on rapid air circulation. One of the hardest part of this project was showing exactly how much air is moving through, inside and around the helmet. The early rendering still below shows just how much air was circulating in our testing. We just had to figure out how to show it all without losing visual clarity.


Recreating the dynamic physics of the elastomeric isolation dampers was quite a mission. Working with Bob, Robert and the 6D team we had to carefully study the exact characteristics of the damper & EPS technology involved.


We're just scratching the surface on the background development and technology of this 6D product. We're hoping to showcase more technology features very soon.

Check out the montage of CG cameras we put together to show just a snippet of features provided by the helmet itself.

Check out more of 6D's videos & media here.


The 6D products went through the regular rG documentation paces:

Shot with the GH2 with the 0.95 Voigtlander glass. Big props to Rhino Camera Gear, they've become a production standard here at rG (loving their new slider!).


A sneak peak the 20+ hidden solders protecting your cabeza!

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