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Perth MTB - Cape to Cape

We were offered the chance to do a job for an Australian mountain bike race. Cape to Cape MTB is a four-day mountain bike race through the south west region of western Australia. Our Client Darren McCaughey was the videographer for this race and he came to us to demonstrate peoples travels from all over the world to get to the race. He provided a YouTube video example of what he was looking for,the video showed a two dimensional plane shape with red trail revealing where it came from, flying over a map.


We decided to take it a little further than that. We modeled an airplane, a SUV, animated trails in 3D space, did camera tracking for the animated text and composited all that together on top of a stylized, and for the stage portion, detailed maps to dynamically show the journey to get to Margret River (the beginning stage of the race.) There were essentially three parts to this project: the title mnemonic, the travels and the animated path to show each of the four stages of the race.