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WD - My Passport Studio


When invited to work directly with marketing personnel at Western Digital to introduce the new IDEO-designed My Passport Studio drive, the direction became industrial upbeat. Sure, features are important, but with a product, environmental design and music like this, the appeal is at a visceral level.


Environmental design, in this case an unobtrusive but full of connotations desktop, is a process. At Related Grey, we create a variety of sample environments specific to the production need and discuss with you the merits of each. From there, direction is chosen, refined and integrated throughout. Early looks at the adapted model and environmental design are shown here. Once a look is chosen, we work mostly in wires and greyscale for the animations. This saves a dramatic amount of time in rendering and compositing.

Models are made of polygons, which are visually represented in wireframes. This little video gives a good representation of how we present our cameras during the course of production.

Original Music Track Composed by: Jason Newton

An original score of music is vastly preferable to needle-drop, giving Luke the opportunity to create cameras that fly and edits them together with a rhythm not found anywhere else. One has to wonder – how many viewers even considered that the products never existed before a camera to create this video?