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Alpine Meadows


the spot

Integrating live-action video capture of talent and a 3D environment of mountainous proportions was made all the more fun by the juxtaposition of scale in our latest work for ski resort Alpine Meadows. Utilizing motion capture of performance, some existing ski footage and a computer generated mountain resort in full swing, a whimsical print campaign by The Concept Farm was brought to life for the small screen. Much more info on our process below.


concept boards

It all starts with a call from the agency and getting the boards they’ve prepared. Typical “shooting” boards weren’t in order at that point as the stock footage from Alpine Meadows would really drive the action sequence and nature of the “mountain.”

first engineering test

Tracking the motion of camera and talent requires a different capture system from that of camera and environment. Building a “hat” to hold the reference points was the crafty part and the wizardry of tracking software proved the concept.

These locked-off camera tests inspired us to get a jib arm for the actual shoot, allowing the camera to be moved vertically rather than sliding the image in post. This provides for correct perspective throughout the range of motion. The replacement of the human face with one from a 3D model? Early tests for something new, more news on that later this year.


building the environment

With a desire to strongly mimic that actual terrain of Alpine Meadows, and a need to integrate live action footage of skiers videotaped there, creative director Luke and CG director zAy viewed the live action footage of skiers, selected the slopes, trees, rocks and snow, and built a mountain to match.

live action production

A simple shoot of head and shoulders doesn’t sound like much, but add in the need to move the camera super-smoothly in 3 dimensions as well as pull an f8 on your 5D and it becomes a bit more. In typical rG fashion, the day was captured for posterity.

Agency: The Concept Farm

Live Action Production: Related Grey

Editorial/Post Production: Related Grey

Director: Luke Takahashi

DP: Rich Hall 

Environmental Design & Integration: Related Grey