Related Grey - [rG]

the projects




Concept & development

Given the challenge by The Concept Farm of New York to create an iconic logo as a communication device, an interface between customers and corporate spokesperson, the Related Grey team sat down at their computers and kicked out a killer presentation in five days – over a weekend.


The “Windstream Wall” was defined as an almost-breathing entity, full of living & speaking customers but also a life of it’s own.

Rising from the ground with over 1,000 screens on which to stage the actors and icons, was a conveyance of talent for the spokesperson to converse with. Believably, glass display panels bend and spin with all the real-world sense of light and reflection.

A wall was born.

Production shoot

Using the boards for the first spot, pre-vis 3d cameras were rendered to give a sense of the moves desired in the 2d live action shoot. On set, with the crane moving the RED camera through a range of moves, the rG team captured the camera’s movement in space with a tracking system continuously generating the information needed as to camera movement and lenses used. No motion control needed.

Post production

Post production is really our production. It’s where we make it come to life.

Importing the original RED footage of talent, it is stabilized, tracked to capture the camera movement/lens info, then keyed out to an alpha channel transparent background.

The camera moves are then inputted and identically recreated in the 3D wall environment. Those moves are often subtly tweaked for more interesting effect which is the real talent of integrating live action and computer generated elements. Customer and icon content is rendered in the screens and final color correction, compositing and 2d effects are used to marry it all together. Who knew 60 seconds could take so long or go so fast!